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The Playstation3 (also called PS3) console is developed by Sony. There are lots of playstation3 games for all genres and ages. But it must be said that most of the games are suited for teens and older. The PS3 is an powerful machine that has very good graphics and smooth play. Every real gamer will love this console.

Also the Playstation3 has gone into the motion sensitive gaming and they call it Playstation3 Move. It works with a motion sensor and controller. These motion games are all played with a wireless controller or other accessories. In the motion games there are also some children games to be found, like petting animals, sports, dance and party games, which makes the PS3 an all round console suited for real gamers but also for family together fun.Besides playing games, the Playstation3 is also an HD blu-ray player, has a Wifi connection to the internet so you can chat with friends, visit the online Sony store to download free demos and more. It can become a whole media center at the same time.

Accessories for Playstation3 console

To play PS3 games, you will need the Playstation3 console with Move for motion gaming. If you already have a playstation you can buy the move starter kit, with the move eye and controller. Some additional controllers, some games and you can always extend with a headphone and charging system for the controllers.

The Best Playstation3 Games

Playstation offers a wide range of games. Shooter games, race games, action and more. In their selection they also have some children’s games. Some games can be played with the Playstation and some games need to be played with the Playstation with Move for motion sensitive gaming. Our selection focus’s on games rated for everyone and teens, since this is a site about children’s games.

best playstation3 games, FIFA soccer 11best playstation3 games, gran turismo

best playstation3 games, ratchet and clank futurebest playstation3 games, uncharted

The Best Playstation Move Games

best playstation3 games, little big planetbest playstation3 games, start the party

best playstation3 games, the sly collectionbest playstation3 games,  the fight: lights out

best playstation3 games, nba 2k11best playstation3 games,  eyepet

best playstation3 games, harry potter and the deathly hallowsbest playstation3 games,  sports champions


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