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On this page we will show you the Best Xbox Games and the Best Kinect Games suitable for children and teens. But first we will show you what you need to play the Xbox 360 games and the Kinect Games. Xbox 360 is developed by Microsoft and has a wide array of game genres. The controllers for Xbox 360 are wireless. Xbox 360 has a lot of shooting games, race games and other games for over 17 years old.

If you buy the Xbox 360 with Kinect, you can play games without controllers, but just by moving your body in front of the Kinect sensor. These motion sensitive gaming is something spectacular! You can dance, jump and move in front of the sensor and by doing so, you control the game. Kinect games consists of sport games, dance games, shooting games, race games and even animal petting games. The Xbox Kinect has a good balance between family fun gaming and real gaming for experienced gamers. The graphics are far better than the Wii, but the Wii has much more in it for smaller children and family fun.

Accessories for Xbox 360

For playing the best Xbox 360 games you will need a Xbox 360 console with one or two wireless controllers. You can upgrade your Xbox 360 with a Kinect Sensor, but when you start from scratch, you can buy a Xbox 360 console bundle with Kinect build in. Of course there are several nice additions on the market like the headset for voice and chat and online play. Also you can buy a gold card which gives you access to online play.

The Best Games for Xbox 360

The list of best Xbox games is long, very long. Xbox has games in all genres for all ages. It ranges from shooting games, race games to puzzle games, sports games and children’s games. The graphics are all beautiful and the games are exciting. If you take children’s games that have a good balance between fun and difficulty, you can have a great family time together.

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The Best Games for Xbox Kinect

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