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This page is all about Travel Word Games. There are all kinds of kids travel games you can play with your kids to make your trip easier and more fun for everybody.

How to make a long trip fun for the kids? Whether it is in a car, plane, bus or train; sitting and waiting till you get there is not an option if you don’t want to hear: “Are we there yet?” So, the best solution is to find some fun and interesting travel word games to keep the kids entertained.

We give you the opportunity here to find the best travel word games. We made a selection of fun and easy games, kids will enjoy playing during the trip.

Creative Travel Word Games


This is an easy game that’s very good for building memory skills. The kids take turns and imagine something they want to bring on their vacation. The first child says: “When I go on vacation, I take with me my bathing suit”. The next child has to repeat the first sentence and add a new object. Like this: “When I go on vacation, I take with me my bathing suit and sunglasses”. And so on, until one of the children forgets an object.


This is a funny alphabet game. First the children decide a category like animals, vegetables, vacation, countries, colors or something else. Then the first child calls out an object from the selected category and the next child has to come up with an object of the same category that starts with the ending letter of the first named object.For example: Category animals. The first child says: “Dog”, then the second child can say “Giraffe”. And so on.


travel board games, 20 questions

One child thinks of an object, person or something general and the others are going to ask the child questions about his choice. He or she can only answer with Yes or No. They have to narrow their questions, until they can guess the persons’ object of his choice. If they can do it within 20 questions, they win!

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Each player takes a turn calling out one letter of the alphabet. The players write them down until there are 10 letters. Letters can be used more than once. Then each player composes a phone message using words beginning with the letters in the order they were called out. Try to make it a funny message that makes sense! Who can come up with the coolest message?


Each player needs a pen and paper. Then they draw a pyramid starting with two blocks on the top and then a layer of three blocks, four blocks and so on, until 7 blocks. One player starts by saying a word with two letters. For example: “At”. The players fill the top level of their pyramid with this word and then they have to find a word of three letters by adding only one new letter to the word “at”. For example, they can add “r” to form “art”. The next word is four letters long by adding another new letter and so on. The one who can finish his pyramid first is the winner.

Travel Word Games on the Market


travel board games, hangman
It’s the classic word game with a twist! Think of a word and try to stump your opponent. Great for travel, with no loose pieces. Includes one game board with erasable whiteboard, self-storing dry-erase marker and eraser. It’s very durable and solid and the pieces are connected to the board with elastic bands, so you don’t have to worry about missing parts. Great travel toy! For 5 years and older.


travel board games, Zingo to go
Now you can take Zingo on the go. Everything you love about original Zingo. Now in a fun, portable package. Shake the Zingo Zoomer Car to expose the two dice. Got a match? Turn over the corresponding light on your game board. The first player to turn over a completed Traffic Light wins. With no loose pieces and snap-together game boards, this Zingo is designed for family fun on the go. 4 years and up.


Kids Word Games  Bananagrams
Bananagrams is a fast and fun word game that requires no pencil, paper or board. In this unique word game, players use tiles to create words crossword-style. The first player to use all their tiles is the winner. With multiple ways to play, this game is perfect for beginning spellers, as well as more advanced players. It’s original, super fun and portable. A topper in the reviews! For 7 years and up.


I Spy Scramble Game
Draw a picture card and try to spell and slide as many words as you can find connected to your picture. Each picture card has two sides, for beginner and advanced players. Slide the letters around the Scramble Board and see how many words you can spell. Make the most words before the two minute timer runs out and you win! Great travel word game of for the home. A fun way to learn to spell! Multiple award winner. The I Spy Game Word Scramble is for 1 to 4 players ages 7 and up.

For easy and fun games, you can also spy in our travel board games section. There are small, portable, travel games on the market for the kids. Here you can find the best and most fun board games to take with you on your trip.

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