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Fun Travel Games for Kids

I Spy, Scavenger hunt, License plate games and more..

This page is all about Fun Travel Games for Kids. There are all kinds of car travel games to play to make your trip easier and more fun for everybody.

How to make a long trip fun for the kids? Whether it is in a car, plane, bus or train; sitting and waiting till you get there is not an option if you don’t want to hear: “Are we there yet?”

So, the best solution is to find some interesting and fun travel games to keep the kids entertained.

We give you the opportunity here to find the best kids travel games. We made a selection of easy and fun travel games, kids will enjoy playing during the trip.

I Spy Travel Games


fun travel games, autobingo An all-time favorite and fun travel game. This game you have to prepare before you leave. It’s a nice crafts project for the kids too! Make cards from cardboard and divide these into nine or 12 squares. Let the kids search in magazines for objects they might see during the trip and have them cut out. Glue them on the cardboard cards to make bingo cards. Look for objects such as a cow, a bus, a motor, a streetlight and so on. During the trip: Give each kid a bingo card and when they spot an object on their card, they cross it out. The winner is the one who crosses off all of their items first.

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This is a fun travel game that gives lots of entertainment. The players are going to look for the alphabet letters on signs, license plates, trucks and whatever they see outside. The players start with the letter “A”, then “B” and so on. The kids have to SEE the letter written down and they also have to follow the alphabet order. The winner is the one who reaches the letter “Z” first.
Another variation of this game is to find objects with the beginning letter of the alphabet. The best way to play is that the children write down all the letters of the alphabet on paper and then start searching for objects. If they find something they can cross that letter from the alphabet. For example: they see a bus and they can cross the “b”. They don’t have to follow the alphabetical order. The one who finishes first is the winner.


fun travel games, scavenger hunt A scavenger hunt is always entertaining during the trip and very easy to set up. Make a list of people and objects you are likely to see on your trip. Think of: a bridge, farmer, cow, plane, police officer, boat on a trailer, billboard with an 800 phone number, motorbike and so on. Then give each item one or two points, depending on the difficulty to find it. The children start looking for the items and when one child shouts out an item of the list, he or she gets the points for that object.The one with the most points is the winner.

There is also a good travel version of scavenger hunt with cards on the market. To make it easy, click here: Scavenger Hunt For Kids – Travel Game


This is an easy I Spy Game for on the road. The children have to chose an object or color and try to find 15 of them. They can play as team or against each other to see who first find 15 of the selected items. Think of items like: traffic lights, safety cones, motorbikes, bridges, American flags and so on.


fun travel games, find it Tired of looking outside through the window? Well in this game you have a treasure bottle full of little treasures! Can you find them all? Spin it, twist it, shake it, it’s so much fun! This contained adventure will have you looking at it for hours trying to find the objects inside. Be the first to find the hidden penny! A perfect fun travel game for in the car, plane or train!

Another easy to make at home project before you go: Take an empty bottle or big jar and fill it up to 2/3 with uncooked rice. Then put in a number of small objects for the kids to find. For example: a penny, paperclip, marble, die, hair clip, button, bolt, bead and more of those little items you can find. Close carefully and don’t forget to write down what you put in, so you can make scorecards for the kids. They will have hours of fun with this.

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License Plate Games


fun travel games, license plate game An easy and entertaining game. Give the kids pen and paper and let them write down all the States they can find on the license plates of passing cars. Can they also find the motto of the State? The one who finds the most different license plates is the winner.

We made a printable for you with all the American States on it. Click here to see this PDF file. You can open the file and print it. It’s totally free and for your convenience.

Melissa & Doug have a travel version of this game on the market. Learn to name and locate all fifty states with their license plate design or simply plot your trip by flipping the states along your route…this is absolutely fun on the go! No loose pieces to leave a trail! Click here: License Plate Game


Another easy and fun travel game for kids. All they need is pen and paper and to write down the alphabet. Then they start looking for all the letters of the alphabet on the license plates of passing cars. The one who is first with finding the whole alphabet is the winner.

To make it even more easy, we made a free printable with the letters of the Alphabet on it, so the kids only have to circle the letters they have found. Click here to see this PDF file. You can open the file and print it. It’s totally free and for your convenience.


Can you add the license plate numbers till you arrive at 100?The first player looks out of the window and claims the first car that passes by. He looks for the numbers on the license plate and quickly adds the numbers. For example: when he sees license plate EFJ7730, he says:”7-7-3-0″ and then quickly adds the numbers and says:”equals 17″. The next player claims the next car that passes by and does the same. The game continues like this and the players keep on adding the numbers to their total count until they reach 100. The one who reaches 100 first is the winner. An entertaining game of luck and it stimulates math skills.


This fun travel game is best prepared before you go. Make game boards from construction paper or card board and draw lines on it to make 25 squares on each card. Now randomly fill in the cards by putting in one letter from the alphabet in each square. You cannot use the same letter more than twice on the same board. How to play: Give the children each a game board and pencil and you (or the children taking turns) call out the first letter of the license plate of a car that passes by. When the player has that letter on his board, he crosses that off. The first player who crosses out all the letters is the winner.


Improve imagination and thinking skills with this hilarious fun travel game for kids. One player looks outside his window and calls out the letters of the first license plate he sees. Then everybody tries to make a phrase with words starting with the letters of that license plate in the correct order. For example: when he calls out: “DCB” one possibility could be: “Dogs Chasing Balls”. Who can come up with the most and the funniest of all?

Enjoyed these games?


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