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This page is all about Travel Board Games. There are all kinds of car travel games out there on the market to make your trip easier and more fun for everybody.

How to make a long trip fun for the kids? Whether it is in a car, plane, bus or train; sitting and waiting till you get there is not an option if you don’t want to hear: “Are we there yet?” So, the best solution is to find some fun and interesting travel board games to keep the kids entertained. We give you the opportunity here to find the best travel board games. We made a selection of fun and easy games, kids will enjoy playing during the trip. No need to read, invent and memorize all kind of games, just lay your hands on them and give them as a surprise during the trip on moments you need them most!

Travel Board Games on the Market


travel board games, Guess who?

The classic guessing game comes in a compact size for plenty of fun on the run! Quick set-up and a self-contained storage tray make it a great game to play anytime, anywhere! Which face has your opponent picked? Someone with brown hair? Someone wearing a hat? Someone with both? Just one good question could eliminate several faces at once-be the first to figure out your opponent’s mystery face and you win the round. For two players ages 6 and up.


travel board games, travel bingo
BINGO on the go! Choose an appropriate theme amongst the eight provided, slide a card into the game board, and pay attention to the passing scenery! Includes two game boards and four double-sided game cards. There are no loose pieces and everything stores conveniently in the board. Great for travel. Another great product from Melissa&Doug. Ages 4 and above.


travel board games, travel memory These fabulous, travel-style games bring new fun and convenience to old family favorites with innovative flipping pieces that won’t get lost! Choose from among fourteen fun themes, slide a card into the gameboard, and start looking for matches. This handy memory game includes one game board, seven double-sided game cards and a two-player scoreboard. There are no loose pieces and everything conveniently stores in the board. Great for travel! 4 years and up. Another great product from Melissa&Doug that kids love!


travel board games, battleship
It’s the compact version of the classic naval combat game for plenty of fun on the run! Keep track of hits and misses, and sink all your enemy’s ships to win the game. For two players, 7 years and up.


travel board games, hangman
It’s the classic word game with a twist! Think of a word and try to stump your opponent. Great for travel, with no loose pieces. Includes one game board with erasable whiteboard, self-storing dry-erase marker and eraser. It’s very durable and solid and the pieces are connected to the board with elastic bands, so you don’t have to worry about missing parts. Great travel toy! For 5 years and older.


travel board games, Rush Hour Jr
For children who like puzzles and mazes, this is a great find. To get the ice cream truck out of the traffic jam, the child must think on more than one level and more than one move ahead. Try to solve the puzzle. It’s great for solo play or for two to work together. The travel bag makes it a terrific “take along” toy. An award winning topper! For 5 years and up.


travel board games, travel bear hunt
These fabulous, travel-style games bring new fun and convenience to old family favorites with innovative flipping pieces that won’t get lost! Includes two game boards and four double-sided game cards. Ask “yes” or “no” questions see if you can correctly identify your opponent’s bear. Good and great quality from Melissa & Doug games. Ages 5+.


travel games, square up
Play this game individual or with two players.The players shake the cube to find the challenge and then slide their tiles to match it. Try to be the first to match the challenge. A fun and fast game that stimulates visual thinking.Suitable for 6 years and older.


travel board games, Zingo to go
Now you can take Zingo on the go. Everything you love about original Zingo. Now in a fun, portable package. Shake the Zingo Zoomer Car to expose the two dice. Got a match? Turn over the corresponding light on your game board. The first player to turn over a completed Traffic Light wins. With no loose pieces and snap-together game boards, this Zingo is designed for family fun on the go. 4 years and up.

Have fun with these Travel Board Games !

Of course there are plenty of kids travel games you can invent yourself and those games are more like I Spy games, license plate games or word and memory games .

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