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Playstation 3 Games

Find the Best Playstation3 Games Here! and spend quality time together ! The Playstation3 (also called PS3) console is developed by Sony. There are lots of playstation3 games for all genres and ages. But it must be said that most of the games are suited for teens and older. The PS3 is an powerful machine that has very good … Read More..

Best XBox Games

Find the Best Xbox Games and Kinect Games Here! and spend quality time together ! On this page we will show you the Best Xbox Games and the Best Kinect Games suitable for children and teens. But first we will show you what you need to play the Xbox 360 games and the Kinect Games. Xbox 360 is developed … Read More..

Top Wii Games

Find the TOP Wii Games Here! and spend quality time together !   The Wii game console with its top Wii games, invented by Nintendo, is already several years on the market. There are lots of different kind of Wii games developed over time. The most well known are the Wii sports games, but also racing, dancing, petting animals … Read More..

Educational Software for Kids

Educational Software for Kids to have fun with computer games Children love computers! They are almost born behind a computer. There is nothing wrong with entertainment behind a computer when you chose educational software for kids. While every parent rather have his child running around and being active, there is also time for entertainment behind a computer. And this … Read More..

Apps for Children with Special Needs   A special kind of educational apps are Apps for children with Special Needs. We know how different educational apps could benefit children when playing them. Children can enhance their alphabet, numbers, phonics and general knowledge. ┬áThis page continues with even more specific learning apps: Apps for children with special needs, focusing on … Read More..

Tablets for Kids   A lot of people have been thinking about tablets for kids, because they have nice features and educational apps. But they are doubting because the real tablet PC’s are expensive, too advanced, not a toy for small children and you have to be able to set up a parental control. But there are nice and … Read More..

Wacky Winter Activity

Spy Games

Who doesn't want to be a detective?

Let the kids take one big cardboard box and cut out two holes big enough so they can put their hands in the box.

Now somebody puts something in the box and the detective has to guess what it is.

Some ideas to put in the box:

- A soft inflated balloon
- Cooked spaghetti
- Pine cone
- Slime
- Sticky hand

Let them come up with better ideas!

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