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Best I Spy Games for Children I Spy Games for kids are excellent for children who love the famous I Spy Books. The challenge of searching for items and then find them is rewarding and exciting. These games transform the search and find theory from I Spy into very entertaining and educational Games. There are memory type, bingo type, … Read More..

The Best Detective Games Let me tell you a little story about the origin of this page. We had to organize a birthday party for my 7 year old son. And we decided on the Detective theme. The following games and activities were part of the I Spy birthday party, which we had set up using a recording of … Read More..

Quick Spring Outdoor Activity

Chalk Obstacle Course

This is a fun variation of Hopscotch that the kids can build themselves and it will bring their creativity out.

The kids draw all kind of stations on the ground with chalk and at each station you need to do an activity.

A few examples:

- Hop like a frog from one circle to the next
- Growl like a bear
- Walk on all fours over the line to the next station
- Tossing challenge: toss a little pebble in the circle
- Hop on one leg around the circle like a stork
- Draw a circle and bounce a ball 10 times in the circle

Let them come up with better ideas!

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