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Easy Guessing Games for Kids   to be Played Indoors Here you have another fun page full with ideas for easy games for kids. These games can be played with groups of kids and are very suitable for younger children. The games described on this page mostly don’t need any equipment other than pen and paper and the games … Read More..

Quick Fall Outdoor Activity

Nature Arts & Crafts

Get the kids outdoor with this fun activity:

One of my favorites for the fall: We go for a nice hike in the woods and bring a bag to collect small items like pretty leaves, acorns, twigs, maple seeds, ferns and all kind of other stuff you can find out there.

Then at home the kids take a crafts paper that is pretty strong and make a collage of all their finds with lots of glue.

Let dry very well, and you have a very pretty art product --> All Natural ;-)

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