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Balancing Games for Kids

Best Balancing Games for Children   Playing balancing games can be fun and very educational for the child. Balance is a multi-sensory activity. To improve balance several systems of the body has to work together. The vestibular system in the brain has to work in close connection with the visual system, the motor system and the positioning (proprioceptive) system. … Read More..

Wacky Winter Activity

Spy Games

Who doesn't want to be a detective?

Let the kids take one big cardboard box and cut out two holes big enough so they can put their hands in the box.

Now somebody puts something in the box and the detective has to guess what it is.

Some ideas to put in the box:

- A soft inflated balloon
- Cooked spaghetti
- Pine cone
- Slime
- Sticky hand

Let them come up with better ideas!

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