Best Tag Games
For your Children

Children find it thrilling both to chase one another and to be chased and the tag games on this page are all versions of variations of tag. There are tag games for children of almost every age and physical ability.

best tag and chase games for your children

The kids will have fun while being physical active and they work on their social skills as well, since this kind of games is most fun with large groups of kids.

Our selection of tag and chase games


This game is sometimes called Hook-on tag. It's a fun variation of the normal tag. The first child tagged must join hands with the hunter and together they go hunt for the others. Everybody who is tagged has to join the chain and all together they chase for the others. Only the two on the outside of the chain can make a tag. The last person tagged is the winner.


Reverse tag is a tag game where everybody runs backwards. Also the one who is chasing the others runs backwards. Most suitable for children age 5 and up.


This is a classic preschool tag game. All the kids are sitting in a big circle and the "it" is on the outside of the circle. He or she walks around the circle tapping all the children on the head while saying "Duck". The "it" then chooses to say "Goose" while tapping a child on the head. The child has to jump up and chase the "it" around the circle. The "it" tries to make it around the circle to the spot where the "Goose" child was sitting without being tapped and takes his place. If he succeed the "Goose" child is the new "it". Otherwise he or she has to start again tapping "Ducks".


This is a fun, simple circle game for young children. The players form a circle by joining hands except for the player called the "cat" and the other player the "mouse". The mouse starts in the circle and the cat on the outside. The game starts when the mouse goes under the arms of any two players in the ring. The cat tries to tag the mouse while running around the ring. The mouse can always jump back into the ring, but the cat is not allowed inside. The mouse can only stay inside the ring for a few moments and has to get out after. The players in the ring can help protecting the mouse by raising their arms so the mouse can easily come inside and they can block any attempts by the cat to reach for the mouse inside the ring. When the mouse is tagged, the mouse becomes the cat and another child becomes the mouse. A fun and active game for children five years and up and for more then 8 players.


This is a hunt, chase and capture game where the players taunt the "lion". One player is the lion and another is the keeper. The lion can choose a place to be his "den", a spot on which he stands. The keeper stands nearby. All the other players are standing around the den chanting "red lion, red lion, come out of your den! Anybody you catch will be one of your men". The keeper then chooses a moment to abruptly shout: "Loose". The lion starts chasing the other players till he gets one. The tagged person becomes a lion too. Now the keeper can call out special instructions for the lions. Like "Doubles"; the lions join hands and catch together, or "Tight"; all the lions have to hold hands and try to surround a player. He can also call: "Cow Catcher"; two lions join hands and try to catch a player by trapping him in their linked arms.


This game has a few rules so the children need to be 8 years and older. It's a famous run and team game in which players try to retrieve "flags" (handkerchiefs)from behind enemy lines without being tagged. The playing area is designated and a dividing line marked at the center. The players are divided into two groups and everybody gets a flag. It's best to mark the flags to the corresponding team. Each player can hide his or her flag somewhere in the designated area for the team. When the game starts the players try to capture the enemies’ flags without being tagged. Once they grab a flag, they can walk back freely to their own half to place the trophy on their side.

capture the flag rules

If the player is tagged before getting a flag, he or she becomes a prisoner and has to stand behind the enemy's boundary line. The prisoner can be freed only when a fellow team member runs back and tags the prisoner, without being tagged himself.

Another variation of tag is the one with only one flag per team. The flag is hidden somewhere and the players have to look for it. There is a place for the prison with a guard to protect the prisoners and there are players protecting the flag. If someone grabs the flag he or she has to run back to their base without being tagged. If being tagged she has to drop the flag where she was being tagged and he or she becomes a prisoner. The prisoners can be freed by being tagged by a free player. An exciting tag game for a large group of kids.


To be played with at least 7 children. One child is the tail grabber and the others form groups of two or three children. Each group forms a line and the children hold on to each others hips. The last one in the line tucks a tail in the waistline of his pants. As the game starts the tail grabber tries to grab the tail of each group. When a group loses his tail, the players are out of the game and when they lose grip on each others hips the players are out too. The group who can keep his tail until the end is the winner. This fun game will get better if you get more kids involved. Have fun with these active tag games!

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