Best Playground Games
for your Children

The following selection is a list of favorite playground games for kids. Most children really love going to the playground, but you can make it even more fun to set out a couple of easy  games to play. Maybe you can get other kids involved too and make it a very social activity.

All of the games are physically active, what makes it an excellent healthy exercise for the kids. With a little creativity you can adjust the game rules to suit it to your child's age and level. But all that counts is to have a fun, safe and active time outdoor and enjoy these playground games.

Our selection of fun playground games


You can play Follow the Leader everywhere, but on a playground it is really fun. The leader uses his imagination and the equipment to do funny activities. The others have to follow him around and copy his actions. A good game to promote creativity and social skills.


A classic game that is perfect to play on playgrounds. It will make the children climb, slide and physically active while having fun. There are lots of places to hide on a big playground and the children have to climb and slide to find the others.


An original hide and seek and tag game. Divide the children in two groups. One group is chosen to be the hunters and the other group are prisoners.

playground games for kids

Make the group of hunters a little bit bigger then the prisoners. The hunters set a base in a defined area what will be the prison for the captured prisoners. Then the prisoners get some time to hide. Then the hunters go look for them and try to catch them. The prisoners are free to run and climb around. To be cached the hunter needs to put both arms around the prisoner. The prisoner then has to go with the hunter to the base. The other free prisoners can try to free the captured prisoner by getting to the base and grap the two hands of the captured prisoner, but be careful, they both can get caught in action! An active game, kids love!


This one is always the best fun. Set out a path to follow over the playground using as much playground equipment as possible. Have the kids climb, hop, jump and slide over the equipment as fast as they can. To make it more fun: bring from home a couple of hoops and throw them on the ground to make a path from the end of the slide to the stairs so the kids can run in circles without touching the ground except within the hoops. Try to make different paths to different entries of the climbing equipment. Now you have a real Monkey Game. A tag game where the kids have to stay on the climbing equipment or follow the path in the hoops and continue climbing.


This climbing race game is a healthy, fun and active playground game. It is best to play this on large playground climbing equipment. Plant a flag on the top and at your signal the kids have to get to the top as fast as they can and bring the flag to you. The winner is the King of the Mountain. If you have to many kids, you can easily play this in teams of two kids, to make it safer. King of the Mountain encourages healthy competition and exercise.


Take a treasure to the sandbox and have the children turn around while you hide the treasure somewhere in the sandbox. Then have the children dig for it. The one who finds the treasure is the winner. This is a good sensory processing game that is excellent for younger children.

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