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Personalized lessons for Math and Reading

Online reading and math for kindergarten to grade 5 | K5 LearningSuper successful online education program for your child. This exciting program is called K5 and offers Math, Reading and Spelling lessons, using AWARD winning software.

Very interesting about K5 is that the lessons adept to the skills of every student as they progress through the curriculum. This goes by personal skills, not by grade! K5 offers a real study program for children to build and enrich the most important study skills: Reading, Spelling and Math. For Kindergarten to grade 5. Try it out NOW, they offer a 14 day free trial !!

What's so special about this program?

The program makes the lessons personalized to each students level by doing an assessment first. Then the student can work through more than 3000 online lessons and activities. The student can do this all by himself, independently and at his own pace. The program records his or her progress and offers new and exciting exercises depending on the results. The program is totally online and the exercises are interactive and animated, which means that the child has to react to it and get instant feedback.

Online reading and math for kindergarten to grade 5 | K5 Learning

Who can benefit from this program?

Children will improve their reading, spelling and math skills with this program. It is like an online school for kids. The program is interesting, interactive and effective for the child's education.

The program is mainly built to be an after school or weekend online enrichment program. It can also be used as a summer school or home-schooling program. It is perfect for children who need a little extra help or for the bright children to excel to their level.

Even the parents benefit from this, because it is an easy program that can be used by children with minimal supervision. Busy parents don't have to worry with this program. It is totally safe, has high educational value and the kids will sure love it!

Did I hear Awards?

Online reading and math for kindergarten to grade 5 | K5 Learning The developers of K5 were able to get licenses from the leading U.S. education companies for their reading and math software. This software has won several awards, like the Bessie award, Eddie Award and Parents Choice Award and is already used by thousands of students and schools all over the U.S. K5 then was able to make it into a successful home-based learning program.

What are the strong points of this program?

  • Personalized lessons for each child depending on his skills.
  • The lessons are interactive ! Not just watching, but the children interact and get instant feedback from the online education program.
  • It is serious study stuff, not just "edutainment" like a lot of other websites offer.
  • Kids can work independently with the spoken instructions and short lessons to keep them focused.
  • Perfect for busy parents: total safe, child friendly and convenient online education program for kids.
  • They have a beautiful website with lots of information about the program and a 14 day free trial !! Click this link to go to our OWN partner page!

  • Bottom line: This online education program is super successful and we LOVE It, maybe YOUR child can be part of it as well!

From the developers of K5

K5 is developed by parents looking for better online educational tools for their children to improve reading and math. A lot of educational websites offer fun activities, but the educational value isn't very high. So they wanted a program that was really suitable to improve math and reading skills. Those programs exist, but they were only offered to schools. And that's where K5 Learning jumped in: they managed to get the best, award winning learning tools available in the U.S to use in their new home focused learning program. K5 was born. And with success.

To see for your self, go to our OWN partner page: educational website, K5.
K5 made a special page for visitors of Best Children's Games. We STAND behind this product and are proud to promote it to YOUR children!

See the Video Tour to see what it is:

Personal Review

We use this program now for several weeks and my son really enjoys doing the lessons. The lessons are very educational, but in a fun way. The lessons consist of little movies where friends tell you what needs to be done and you do the task together with your helper friend. If you do it right, you earn tickets to play a game at the end of the lesson. This way the program delivers real education, but still in a fun and amusing way.

The assessment test at the beginning places the student in the right level and you start from there. As a parent you can follow the progress through detailed reports of the completed lessons.

I am a big fan of this program and I can clearly see how much my son learned so far. It really improved his phonics skills, phonemic awareness and vocabulary.

For us it is time to stop for now, because my son is one grade ahead of his age group, but we will definitely continue during the long summer months so he won't forget what he has learned. This program gave him a great base for his reading skills and a good addition to the lessons learned in school.

Also in math he made quite a progress and he is now one grade ahead, but the lessons became to difficult for his level and we decided to stop math, since our focus lies on the phonics and reading skills.


A very good educational program that can really help kids who need a little extra help or kids who are struggling with learning multiple languages at once.

The lessons are brought to your child in a fun and engaging way, but it is not "edutainment".

Great program that can give the kids a head-start!

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