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You want your children to get some brain exercise? SURE Thing !
There are lots of learning games for kids that are just so fun to play that the kids don’t even know that they are actually learning new skills or developing their weak skills!

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This section is called Learning Games for kids, and you can find here all kind of educational games that are fun to play.

What is better than knowing that your child is having fun and learning or improving his or her skills?

Most of our educational games need to be played with two or more children. This makes the games even more educational, because the kids learn a lot from playing together with friends and family. They learn to have patience, taking turns, and winning and losing.

All very good for promoting the social skills.

Besides these social skills, the different sorts of learning games will
stimulate other skills as well. We made a selection of educational games that focuses on different learning skills for the kids.

Our Selection of Learning Games for Kids

Educational Software

And since we cannot ignore the world of television and computers, we also made a selection of great educational software products for children. These computer games are great for learning various skills while having fun.

We divided the educational computer games into two parts.

Part 1 focuses on Educational Preschool and Kindergarten software programs

Part 2 focuses on Reading, Math and Languages.

Educational Computer Games for Kids (Part 2) There are all sorts of educational computer games for kids and those games are fun to play while the children are learning lots of new skills. These games are on the market for preschool and older. We made a selection of learning games for kids that teaches reading , math, and foreign … Read More..

Educational Computer Games for Kids (Part 1) There are all sorts of educational computer games for kids and those games are fun to play while the children are learning lots of new skills. These games are on the market from preschool and older. Some teaches reading, typing, math, logic and even languages. On this page we focus on educational … Read More..

Brain Games for Kids A great work out for the brain, these brain games for kids! This will get them thinking.. Fun to play and a great stimulation for the logic thinking skills, the problem solving skills and the spatial/visual understanding of a problem.   Puzzle games are a great gift for smart kids. Most of these games are … Read More..

The Best Problem Solving Games for your Children In this section you will find all kinds of Problem Solving Games that can be played by children of 6 (sometimes 8) years and older. All these games are challenging for the brain, fun and educational to play. Just by reading about them you get enthusiast about these fun kids games … Read More..

Concentration Games for Kids Let the children learn through play! With these concentration games, the children will have lots of fun, while their brains are getting a real work-out! Kids love playing this kind of games and they develop memory skills, concentration skills, imagination and social skills. A new game/toy on the market is the Perplexus Maze Game, that … Read More..

Best Logic Games for Kids Games that gets the brain a good work-out! These logic games for kids are fun and educational. They are focused on learning and improving thinking skills. Most games can be played by children 8 (sometimes 6) years and up. Mindware and Thinkfun are two manufacturers who offer an extensive list of very interesting games … Read More..

The Best Kids Word Games Is your child NOT interested in learning their ABC’s or reading at all? With these kids word games you’ll stimulate their interest in a fun way, so that the child doesn’t see this as learning, but just playing a fun game. And that’s what you want to reach! Playing word games for kids offers … Read More..

Kids Math Games In this section you will find the best kids math games. All these games are focused on learning and improving their math thinking skills. Most of the games improve addition, subtraction and multiplication, but there are also games in this list that teaches money skills and fractions. The best way of learning new skills for a … Read More..

Building Games for Kids So here comes my suggestion for building toys for creative kids:     Mindware Structures This product is also my best game of the month, because with this everybody can build whatever he or she has in mind. My whole family (including daddy) loves making amazing structures with it. Read more about it on my … Read More..

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