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In need for some quiet time ?

kids printable dot to dotOn this page you can find the best kids printable activities and we made a whole selection for you! We offer our own printables for free, so enjoy them!

You can click on the images and you will get a PDF file which you can print on your own printer. We provide these activities for personal use only and they are not intended to use or distribution elsewhere.

free printable Halloween coloring pages Besides the social aspects of playing games with friends and family, it is also a good practice for a child to be able to enjoy himself when there is no one to play with. These kids printable activities come in handy then!

But after some quiet time spend alone, maybe you can jump in for some quality time spend together and enjoy other games mentioned on this website!

Check out our Printable Activities Pages for Kids:



      25 Pages of fun activities, games and puzzles. Car travel Bingo, License Plate Collector, word search, mazes and more. This will keep your kids entertained during a car trip!



      Connect the dots from 1 to 50 to see what drawing appears. You can also connect the alphabet letters to see the picture on the dot to dot activities for kids.



      Color these drawings with the key code provided to make a beautiful picture.



      Just have fun with these coloring pages


    Can you find all the words in these word mazes? Look up, down and backwards too.


        Here is a wonderful resource for all Math related worksheets. Puzzles, multiplication charts and more… Follow this link to



        Follow to path and find the exit. There are also mazes that requires some math to solve them. A fun activity.



        Halloween is an excellent Holiday to do some arts and crafts. Watch out for these scary coloring pages!



        Valentines Day is the most loveable holiday. This beautiful selection is from PrintablegamesAtoZ and these quality games look sweet, romantic and fun. Surprise your loved ones with such beautiful pages. These games are NOT free!



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Quick Fall Outdoor Activity

Nature Arts & Crafts

Get the kids outdoor with this fun activity:

One of my favorites for the fall: We go for a nice hike in the woods and bring a bag to collect small items like pretty leaves, acorns, twigs, maple seeds, ferns and all kind of other stuff you can find out there.

Then at home the kids take a crafts paper that is pretty strong and make a collage of all their finds with lots of glue.

Let dry very well, and you have a very pretty art product --> All Natural ;-)

See more Outdoor Activities on our page here.