Bunco Dice Game

Bunco Dice Game

Find the rules of Bunco Dice Game here. A simple, easy and exciting game to play with kids and the rest of the family. No strategy thinking, just be quick to improve your chance of winning this dice game.

Bunko  dice game

Number of Players: possible with 4, but better with 8 and more

Age Range: 6 years and older

Materials: 3 dice for every four players, and pen and paper to keep score

How to Play:

    • This game is played by groups of 4 players. Each group has 3 dice and each player has his own score sheet.


    • When the game starts, the first player throws all three dice at the same time and sees if he made a score. See the scoring below.


    • The player opposite of the table is his partner and the points made by the two partners are counted on each persons score sheet.


    • The players pass the dice around until someone throws a Bunco. That round is over and the one with the highest total wins that round.


    • There are six rounds and each round has a different target number starting with 1 and up to 6. So the first round is finished when someone throws a Bunco of one’s (three of a kind in 1) and the goal of round two is a Bunco of two’s and so on.


    • After six rounds the players change table and partner.
    • Four rounds consisting of 6 games are played and the winner is the one with the most games won.



  • Bunco of the targeted number: 21 points
  • Any other Three of a Kind : 5 points
  • Any other target number rolled: 1 point


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