Quick Spring Outdoor Activity

Chalk Obstacle Course

This is a fun variation of Hopscotch that the kids can build themselves and it will bring their creativity out.

The kids draw all kind of stations on the ground with chalk and at each station you need to do an activity.

A few examples:

- Hop like a frog from one circle to the next
- Growl like a bear
- Walk on all fours over the line to the next station
- Tossing challenge: toss a little pebble in the circle
- Hop on one leg around the circle like a stork
- Draw a circle and bounce a ball 10 times in the circle

Let them come up with better ideas!

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Beetle Dice Game

Beetle Game

Throw the Dice and Draw the Beetle

Beetle Game is an easy and fun dice game to play with your kids. Who will be the first to draw the whole beetle? Throw the dice and try your luck. Easy and entertaining for children. This dice game is also known as Bugs or Cooties. And it can be played as a Beetle Drive.
You will also find an easy to print pdf Beetle to use as scoring card.

beetle game Number of Players: 2 or more

Age Range: 4 years and older

Materials: 1 die, pen and paper to draw the beetle or use the printable sheet provided below (PDF file)






How to Play the Beetle Game:

    • The goal of the beetle game is to be the first player to complete his or her beetle.
    • The players take turns to throw the die and try to draw the corresponding body part.
    • First the six needs to be thrown, since this is the body of the beetle.
    • Before drawing the antenna and eyes, a five needs to be thrown to draw the head of the beetle.
    • 1 for eyes (two of them)
    • 2 for antenna (two of them)
    • 3 for legs (six of them)
    • 4 for wings (two of them)
    • 5 for head (one)
    • 6 for body (one)


    • The one who finishes his beetle first is the winner


    • Every player counts his points: one point for every part drawn and the winner gets ten bonus points.


Variation: Beetle Drive

A social event where a lot of Beetle games are played over several tables in several rounds. When a person finishes his beetle he shouts out:”Beetle” and the game stops for all tables. Everybody tells his points and changes tables. The player with the most points at the end is the winner of the Beetle Drive Game..

Free printable Beetle drawing card

Click on the picture to go to the printable PDF file. For your convenience. Very handy if you plan to play more games or for the Beetle Drive. Have fun with this game!

Click the image to link to the PDF to print out!
beetle dice game


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