Snap Card Game

Card Game for Kids

Snap card game is a popular and noisy game that can go on forever. It’s a great family game that requires fast reflexes and good observation skills.

Snap card game

Number of Players: 2 or more

Age Range: 5 years and older

Materials: one standard deck of cards and with more than three players two decks of cards

How to Play:

    • The goal of the game is to get all the cards.


    • The cards are shuffled and dealt till there are no more cards left. It’s not important if some players have more cards than the others. The cards stay in a stack face down in front of each player.


    • The first player turns over the first card and puts it face up next to his stack of face down cards. Then the next player does the same and so on.


    • If a player notices a match on any of the face up piles from the other players, like two sevens or two jacks, the player then shouts: “Snap!” and he gets the two piles which make a match. He puts the new cards under his face down pile.


    • Then the player on the left of the winner continues.


    • If a player runs out of cards, he simply turns over his face up cards and can continue playing. If he totally runs out of cards, that player is out of the game.


    • When two players shout “Snap” at the same time, the matching piles are put together at the center of the table, first card face up. This is called the “Snap pool”. The game continues and when a card is turned that makes a match with the “Snap pool”; the first child to shout “Snap Pool!” gets all the cards from the pool.


    • When one of the players shouts “Snap” at the wrong time, he or she has to give all the other players one card from the face down pile.


  • The winner is the one who ends up with all the cards.


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