Indoor Sports Games for Kids

Best Sports Games for Kids

to be played indoors

Ever thought of bringing sports games for kids inside?

It is possible!

indoor sports games for kids

Even on those rainy days, you can do some sports
Of course this will need a little change to the game to adjust it to your
surroundings since your basement or playroom is much smaller than the
Indoor sports games for kids need to be less rough and you need to use
softer equipment so that friends aren’t hurt and furniture isn’t

The best games to play indoors are games that focus on skills rather
than muscles, so save rugby for a sunny day.

Looking for outdoor sports games?

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Continue to our selection of indoor sports games for kids:


Bowling is a very flexible sports game for kids, you can play this with
any age group and any size group of children. All you need is a space
like the basement, hallway or bedroom. For the bowling pins you can use
10 empty soda bottles and for the ball you best use a foam ball or beach
ball. Set up the pins in a triangle and define a throwing line. Every
child can throw the ball twice and gets one point for every pin knocked
down. The winner is the player who has the highest number of points
after 10 rounds. This is a game that children will enjoy playing.


This volleyball game is best for younger kids. Define a playing field
and remove all breakable furniture out of the way. Tie a piece of yarn
or clothesline across the middle of the playing field about 3 feet above
the ground. This is the net. Divide the children into teams and use a
balloon as volleyball. The teams have to keep the balloon in the air and
swat the balloon back and forth across the line. If the balloon hits
the ground, the other team gets a point. This game is even more fun when
played with two balloons at the same time.


This is a very active and energy burning game. Define a play field and
tie a piece of yarn over the middle line about 1 foot above the ground.
This is the net. Divide the children into teams and use a big balloon as
Have the children set up crab style (face up, leaning on their hand and
feet) and they try to kick the balloon back and forth over the net. The
goal of the game is to keep the balloon of the ground.


This is a creative indoor sports game for kids. You can either use kids’
golf clubs or make your own with a yardstick by attaching a plastic toy
block (like duplo) to the end of the yardstick with duct tape. Use a
small rubber or foam ball to play. Then you have to define a course and
invent a couple of obstacles. Make tunnels, ramps, fairways by using
cardboard folded as tent, or empty shoeboxes with cut in holes.

To make a
curved fairway you can use Frisbees or empty cups placed on the floor
and secure those with masking or duct tape. You can use building blocks
to form the fairway and an empty coffee can placed on its side as the
end cup. Be creative and use your imagination to fold, cut and turn
empty boxes and cardboard to make the obstacles.

indoor golf for kids

Then the game can
start! The player who can complete the course using the least number of
strokes is the winner.


This game is fun to practice shooting hoops indoors. Make a ball from a
bag filled with crumpled sheets of paper. And use tape (duct tape or
masking tape) to form a ball that is strong enough to hold its shape.
For the basket you can use a plastic laundry basket, a wastebasket or an
empty cardboard box and you put your basket on a chair at one end of
the room. Now you can set up a game with your players to shoot baskets
from a range of distances.


Define a field on the floor with duct tape and make two goals from shoe boxes. Make a hockey puck from paper and wrap it with duct tape to
make it a strong ball. Divide the kids in teams and give each child a
paint stirrer as hockey stick. Then play this mini version of Hockey.
They will sure have fun and being active!

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With these indoor sports games for kids you can have plenty of
opportunities to get active indoors and improve skills at the same time
while having fun together.

Change those rainy, boring days into quality
time together and get active with our indoor sports games for kids!

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