Indoor Party Games

Best Indoor Party Games for Kids

Having a party for kids indoors might make you nervous, but don’t worry with our selection of best indoor party games your child will have a blast! Some preparation, some imagination and a happy mood will bring you far.

indoor party games for kids

The kids will be happy, laughing and active with our games. We offer a
selection of physically active games to be played by groups of children
and all these games can be played inside.


Indoor party games tips:

There are a few things you have to keep in mind when you want to keep the children occupied:

  • Choose the right activities for the age group of the children in your party. If you choose your indoor party games to difficult, they will become frustrated and if you choose your party games to easy they will be bored.
  • Then you must think of the necessary equipment for your games. It should be ready so the activity can start right away. Make being active easy by providing the right example and equipment.
  • The last and most important thing is to have fun! When kids love the activity they want to do more of it. When they successfully accomplish the activity games, they feel pride and these good feelings make them willing to continue and try other indoor party games.


“Home-made” indoor party games


This fun indoor party game is an all-time classic for preschoolers. Line up a couple of chairs, but so that there is at least one chair short of the count of children. Play some nice party music and have the children walk in circles around the chairs. When the music stops, the children have to move to the chairs and sit on them. The last child who can’t find a seat is out of the game. Then you remove one chair and the game continues. The child who seats the last chair is the winner. Every child loves this game. It’s active, entertaining and fun.
Indoor Party Games


This is a fun and easy game to play and it improves the childrens’ catching skills. Give each child a plastic or paper cup to use as a mitt. Then you make a small ball of crushed aluminum foil. Then you line the children up in a circle and they have to pass around the ball using the cups to both toss and catch the ball. No hands allowed! If you have a large group, you can use two balls at the same time.


Find some over sized adults clothes, each two of them, like a T-shirt, a hat, gloves, boxer shorts and rain boots or similar. Put the items on two chairs and have the children line up in pairs. They start at the starting line and when they hear the signal they run to the chairs to put on the items as quick as possible. An hilarious and active indoor party game.


Make teams to the children and have them line up at the starting line. The first player of each team gets an inflated balloon between his knees and he or she has to run as fast as he or she can to the turning point and back. Then they pass the balloon to the next person in the team and that person does the race. The quickest team is the winner of this relay.


Take a large cardboard box and make different holes in the board. Some bigger ones on the bottom half and smaller ones at the top half of the cardboard. Put the board against a wall at an angle and write points next to the holes. The smaller the hole, the higher the points. Have the children throw the bags against the board and score the points.

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Indoor party games on the Market


Fun indoor party games, Giraffalaff

The Giraffalaff Limbo will have your preschoolers howling with laughter as they try to limbo alongside the ticklish Giraffalaff giraffe. A quick spin of the wheel reveals which silly animal’s walk you’ll have to do under the limbo bar–whether it’s the bird walk or the crab walk. Just make sure not to knock down Giraffalaff or he’ll go into a frenzy of giggles, and you’ll be out of the game!



Fun indoor party games, Gator golf

Bring the fun of mini-golf home! Your tots will be tickled to tee off with this goofy, golf ball-gulping gator. With putters that are sized perfectly for little hands, and a ball that’s light enough to pick up and putt with ease, there’s no limit to the fun they’ll have. Kids will giggle with surprise when the friendly gator gobbles up the ball, then returns it with a happy swish of his tail. Putt the ball into the friendly gator’s mouth to get a point.


Fun indoor party games, alligator ring toss game

Instant fun for parties and in the pool! Inflate the alligator and toss the rings around his neck. Kids will love this easy party game.


Fun indoor party games, disney princess cupcake party game

This is a fun team game where everybody has to work together to match the cards with the items. Build cupcakes and have yummy fun on your party.



Fun indoor party games, Hyperdash

It’s the electronic game that’s as fast as you are. Test your speed and agility in a race against time using five targets and an electronic handheld unit. To start, set up your targets on the table, around the room, around the house or throughout the yard. Then, follow the announcer’s commands as you zip around your racecourse to tag your targets with the handheld unit. Can be played in pairs or in teams. This award winning game makes the children running around like crazy, cheering each other on, and loving the different games and levels.


Want to see more ideas?

A lot of games described on this website are suitable as party games, so I advise you to look around and check the other pages with fun ideas for your indoor party.

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