Easy Guessing Games for Kids

Easy Guessing Games for Kids


to be Played Indoors

Here you have another fun page full with ideas for easy games for kids. These games can be played with groups of kids and are very suitable for younger children. easy games for kids The games described on this page mostly don’t need any equipment other than pen and paper and the games are very easy so they can be played in a minute.

Most games consist of a search and guess quest, which will keep the children entertained and they will love playing these fun indoor games.

Don’t forget that these easy kids’ games can lighten up any indoor children’s party!

Easy Games for Kids:
Search and Guess Games


Before starting this game, make note cards and write on each note card the name of a famous person, character or animal. Every child gets a card on his back attached with tape or a safety pin and while the children are sitting in a circle the child has to ask questions about whom he is. Easy, hilarious and fun.


Have all the children look closely in the room for a couple of minutes. Then all the children (the detectives) are going to another room, while one child (the robber) takes away an item from the room and he goes upstairs. Then all the detectives come in again and start looking for what is missing. The one who is guessing the right object can be the next robber. Children love this indoor party game, it’s exciting for them.


Indoor Party Games
Have all the children sit in a circle and look at each other. Then one child has to leave the room, while two children exchange something, like glasses, shoes, necklace, shirt, … Then the child can come back into the room and has to guess what was exchanged. You can also play this game after you give all the children an object or dress-up clothes, so it’s easier to exchange something.


Dress one child as a witch and have the others sitting on the floor in a circle.
The witch has to leave the room while one child hides a toy mouse at one of the other children. Then the witch can come back into the room and has to guess with child has the mouse.


Write or draw something on little note cards to make pairs of things. For example one card with a sock and one card with a shoe or one card with a flower and one with a pot. Every child gets a little note card attached on his back without seeing what’s on it and has to go walking around to ask the other children questions which only can be answered with yes or no. Now every child has to find its partner.


This is like the classic Clue game. Give the children (or play in groups) a card with 5 rooms, 5 weapons and 5 suspects on it. Make separate notes for each room, weapon and suspect and hide them in your room or house except for one room, one suspect and one weapon. The children have to look for the notes around the room or house and when they find everything, there will be one room, one weapon and one suspect left, so they know the solution of this search and guess game. The group who solves the mystery first is the winner.

Easy Games for Kids:
Coordination Games


One child leaves the room, while the others form a circle by taking their neighbors hands. While they hold on strong they start crawling under other children’s arms till everybody has a different place and there is a knot of bodies and arms. The child who left can come back in and needs to give directions to the group how to untie the knot.


Tie a piece of yarn across the room and tie pieces of cake (like honey cake or pumpkin bread) along the yarn. Put it high enough so that all the children can reach it with their mouths. Then the children have to eat the cake without using their hands. The one who finishes first is the winner. An amusing and easy game for kids they will enjoy.


Put an empty can on the ground or an empty beer bottle (for adults) and put a big nail on a string of yarn. Tie the string around the waste of the player and the nail should be on the back of the player, hanging between his legs knee-high. Then the player has to squat to try to get the nail in the can or bottle without using his or her hands. The one who does this quickest is the winner.

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Fun Indoor Games and the Outdoor Games pages as well.

Most of these games can be played at children’s parties as well! These easy games for kids are fun to play and will keep the children entertained!


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