Balancing Games for Kids

Best Balancing Games for Children


Playing balancing games can be fun and very educational for the child.
Balance is a multi-sensory activity. To improve balance several systems
of the body has to work together. The vestibular system in the brain has
to work in close connection with the visual system, the motor system
and the positioning (proprioceptive) system.

Through practice, these
systems can learn to better communicate with each other and then improve
the balancing skills of the child.

Very often these skills are practiced with a physical therapist, but on
rainy days you can transform them into games or relays with more
children and have fun, while improving their balancing skill and get the
kids active.

Lots of fun indoor games can be made with equipment you have already at
your home or you can buy a few balancing games.

Home made balancing games


Here are a few examples of fun home-made relays you can do with your children to stimulate their balance. They will enjoy doing them and have lots of fun.Balancing games for kids


Penguin Walk


All you need is a couple of beanbags, or you can make little bags filled with uncooked rice. All the children line up at the start line and they put their “egg” (the beanbag) on top of their feet and then they try to walk like a penguin, without dropping the egg. The first child who can make it to the finish line is the winner.

It’s a very easy game, but it is hilarious to see the children “wobble” like a penguin and they will have good laughs too!


Potato and Spoon Race


A hilarious and famous party game! In this relay game all the players divide into teams and every team gets a spoon with a potato on it. Now the children need to complete the distance till turning point and back without dropping the potato and then give the spoon to the next player in the team. If the potato drops, that player of the team has to start again at the starting line. The first team to have all its players complete the course is the winner.

A balance relay game for 4 years and up.


Hold the Orange


This relay game is played in pairs. Every pair stands face to face with each other and try to pinch an orange between their foreheads without using their hands. Now every pair has to complete a distance without dropping the orange and it’s not allowed to use hands to hold it in place.

A fun balancing race game.


Balance Challenge


For this balance challenge you need a piece of wide adhesive tape, like duct tape or other white or grey tape. Make a straight line on the floor with the tape about 10 feet long and 3 inches wide. This is the balancing “beam”.

Have the children walk over it and like in Simon Says invent more and more challenging tasks for the children. Watch their feet to check if they stay on the beam. Useful tasks for their balance: have them walk the line with a book on their head, backwards, hopping on one foot, or with a book on their head and something in their hands and so on. Use your imagination and have fun!

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Balancing Games on the Market


And of course there are also very funny balancing games on the market for your children. Some are classic games that are still fun for young and old and others are new. But they all give the child physical activity while having fun and they train their balance at the same time.



Balancing games, Twister

Who doesn’t know the good old twister? Put yourself in a knot and try to stay in balance on the floor mat.Hilarious balancing and flexibility game for young and old.

Two to four players face each other, with the plastic mat in the center.

A referee spins the spinner, then calls out the body part and the color the arrow points to (“Left foot, blue,” “Right hand, yellow”). All players, at the same time, follow the directions, placing the appropriate body part on a vacant circle. Players become increasingly entangled, until someone (or everyone) finally topples, and is eliminated. The last person standing wins.


Sturdy Birdy

Balancing games Sturdy Birdy

Sturdy Birdy – Roll the dice! Strike a pose! Find the perfect balance! Reggie the Pigeon dreams of a life in the circus as a high wire acrobat. Now he needs your help to perfect 12 poses to ‘land’ his dream job.

Players must master the 12 unique poses and be the first to make it to the end of the line. This is a game the whole family will enjoy doing and all you will do is laugh, while practicing your balance!

Perfect. Ages 5 and up.


Level Headed

Balancing games Level Headed
Level Headed is the Crazy Game of Balance and Skill.Level Headed is a great game that can be enjoyed by the whole family combining elements of skill and balance, with just a touch of luck.

Simply take turns to roll a die to find out how many blocks the player needs to balance on their head. Players can only use one hand to pick up the blocks and place them on their head which must not be held at any point during play. The winner is the last player left with all their blocks still on their hat.

Another hilarious balancing game.



Whatever you chose, there are plenty of opportunities to get active indoors and improve skills at the same time while having fun together.

Change those rainy, boring days into quality time together and get active!

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No more Boredom in the house!

The balancing games for children described on this page are suitable as easy games for kids to be played by groups of children. But on my other pages you can find more ideas for fun indoor games. So I advice you to look around and check the other pages.



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