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best product gift guide for kidsHappy kids, happy faces, big smiles…
You will see it with any gift from our selection of best gift ideas for kids. It feels so good to give something kids truly enjoy and can play with it for hours on a row.

These products are educational, open-ended, imaginary and creative. I found that my kids love these products best and they keep on playing and inventing with these.
So stay here and I will show you some products I found after thorough research online and in educational stores. I wholeheartedly advice you these products because we own everyone of these and my kids LOVE them!


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More gift ideas for kids have arrived!

The post is about Educational gifts for kids.  Thinking games that are smart but above all : FUN and CHALLENGING.

Perfect gifts for smart kids! To see what I am talking about go to check it out. Find educational gift ideas for kids and spoil your kids and friends with toys and games that make your child and other’s brains “grow”.

Wacky Winter Activity

Spy Games

Who doesn't want to be a detective?

Let the kids take one big cardboard box and cut out two holes big enough so they can put their hands in the box.

Now somebody puts something in the box and the detective has to guess what it is.

Some ideas to put in the box:

- A soft inflated balloon
- Cooked spaghetti
- Pine cone
- Slime
- Sticky hand

Let them come up with better ideas!

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