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Fun Kids Games These fun kids games are all very fun to play and every family should have one of these. Kids will laugh and giggle. Learning something through play. Families that play together, stay together! Anki Overdrive This is like the slot car race from 30 years back…but then modernized to the best… Now the cars drive freely … Read More..

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Gift Ideas for Smart Kids   Educational gift ideas  is a pretty unknown area for most people. That’s why we would love to give you some examples so you can get an idea what’s for sale on the market that is really outstanding from the crowd. Very often when we have kids over, they start playing with these products … Read More..

Brain Games for Kids A great work out for the brain, these brain games for kids! This will get them thinking.. Fun to play and a great stimulation for the logic thinking skills, the problem solving skills and the spatial/visual understanding of a problem.   Puzzle games are a great gift for smart kids. Most of these games are … Read More..

Best Geography Board Games for Kids It’s right there on the map! Playing Geography Board Games is an easy and fun way to stimulate the important geography education of our kids. Our pitiful knowledge of geography has been well documented for the last decade and it’s only going down… So it seems to be very useful to start early … Read More..

Building Games for Kids So here comes my suggestion for building toys for creative kids:     Mindware Structures This product is also my best game of the month, because with this everybody can build whatever he or she has in mind. My whole family (including daddy) loves making amazing structures with it. Read more about it on my … Read More..

Quick Spring Outdoor Activity

Chalk Obstacle Course

This is a fun variation of Hopscotch that the kids can build themselves and it will bring their creativity out.

The kids draw all kind of stations on the ground with chalk and at each station you need to do an activity.

A few examples:

- Hop like a frog from one circle to the next
- Growl like a bear
- Walk on all fours over the line to the next station
- Tossing challenge: toss a little pebble in the circle
- Hop on one leg around the circle like a stork
- Draw a circle and bounce a ball 10 times in the circle

Let them come up with better ideas!

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