Kids Math Games

Kids Math Games

In this section you will find the best kids math games. All these games are focused on learning and improving their math thinking skills. Most of the games improve addition, subtraction and multiplication, but there are also games in this list that teaches money skills and fractions.

The best way of learning new skills for a child is learning it through play. That’s why playing games is so important for their development. They have fun while learning or improving their math skills.

We focus on the best games to be played with two or more players, so
besides educational value in thinking skills, these kids math games are
also good for their social skills and having fun with friends and/or

Our Selection of Kids Math Games


kids math games Math Dice

This is a very flexible, competitive and fun math game. The game consists of 2 scoring dice and 3 12-sided dice and the goal is to get as close as possible to the target number using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
This game is suitable from 8 years and up and it will grow with your child as he or she improves his or her math skills. This game has proven to be very successful of improving math skills, even to kids who don’t like math.


kids math games, Math Mat Challenge Game

A multi-award winner! This interactive mat teaches the kids 4 games on different levels and make them moving and jumping around on the floor mat. This game reinforces numbers, counting, addition and subtraction up to the number 20. Kids between the age of 4 and 7 will enjoy this game while being physically active by running and jumping on the right answer to the questions of the interactive talking floor mat. Great educational game that makes the children move!

kids math games, Buy it Right

With this shopping game the kids don’t realize that they are learning an important lesson for life. The game teaches the importance of money recognition, adding and making the correct change. The children learn the value of money while they move across the colorful game board. The game has three levels of play so it is easy to adjust to the child’s level and is suitable for 6 years and up. A great combination of having fun and learning while doing math with money. This game also won several awards!

kids math games Money Bags a coin Value

With this game the child will learn valuable money skills. They have to collect, count and exchange money while moving across the colorful game board. Recommended age is 7 to 9 years old.
The game is fun to play and improves critical thinking and money skills.


kids math games sum swamp addition and subtraction game

This is an adventure game through the Sum Swamp. A board game that will develop and sharpen early math skills like addition and subtraction. The children roll the dice and a new math challenge will be introduced. Who can make it through this swamp adventure?
The children will have hours of fun with this award winning adventure game. This kids math game is also very good for improving social skills like taking turns and dealing with losing and disappointment. Suitable for 5 years and up. To be played with two to 4 players.

kids math games Dino Math Tracks

This funny board game is set in prehistoric times and the players walk their dinosaurs around on the board. It consists of three levels of play, so it grows with your child. This math game stimulates multi-digit learning and improves counting, addition and subtraction. The kids will learn a lot while having fun with this educational game. Recommended age from 5 – 9 years.

kids math games, Pizza Fraction Fun Game

Another award winning game! This pizza building game helps kids visually understand fraction concepts and skills. There are 7 different games to play so this game is easily to adjust to the child’s level. The games focus on identifying fractions, matching fraction equivalents and performing fraction addition and subtraction by building pizzas. A fun way to learn about fraction concepts and math skills. Suitable for 6 years and older.

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