Construction Games for Kids

Building Games for Kids

My kids don’t like to follow step by step instructions to create amazing things, they rather invent something they imagine. The modern Lego’s with all their themes and specialty blocks are really beautiful, but the child cannot invent something else from the same set.

So here comes my suggestion for building toys for creative kids:



Mindware Structures

This product is also my best game of the month, because with this everybody can build whatever he or she has in mind. My whole family (including daddy) loves making amazing structures with it.

Read more about it on my page Best Building Toys.

Our structures towerOne word: AWESOME !!! (But my son didn’t build it, this was daddy’s project ūüėČ Reaching the ceiling!
Read more about Mindware Structures on our page with the Best Building Toys or go to Amazon.
mindware structures

K’Nex Education

This product has bigger, colorful pieces with many possibilities so children 3 years and up can get creative with this.This product comes in a sturdy box to store the pieces and some sheets with ideas.
knex education

Find more¬†K’nex Education¬†on Amazon.

Snap Circuits

Although this product is not a free building game like the above, it is an amazing and interesting educational toy a lot of smart kids will love. They can create doorbells, AM radio’s, lie detectors and much more. Sounds, lights, buttons and more…Great for young explorers.
building toys for kids

Find Snap Circuits on Amazon!

Mindware marble run

Creativity ten top. Imagine, build and let roll. FUN FUN FUN. Unlimited fun for creative minds. Not for children under 3 years.

creative marble run
Find Mindware Marblerun on Amazon!

Wooden Train Tracks

Buy a whole lot of these, add a few trains and again….hours of fun for years! ¬†And yes, they do get creative by combining their cars and the above mentioned Structures with this product.

Combined with Structures they build tunnels, piers, houses and more.

Insider tip: this stuff is expensive, but it lasts forever. Look for a big box of used train tracks and trains on Ebay! This way your child has a whole lot to play with, without you breaking the bank.

creative with trains
Thomas the Train wooden railroad set.

Lego Game: Heroica

Lego has developed several board games the last couple of years and especially in Europe they became a huge success. The fun of these games is that you first have to build the board and after building you can play the games. The games are all very flexible and adjustable to your imagination, because of the construction with the Lego bricks and you are invited to create your own rules and strategies.

Lego Game Heroica
Find more about Lego Heroica on the MORE LEGO GAMES page.
Find this one on Amazon.


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