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Best Children Word Games

Children word games are focused on letter recognition and beginning reading. Some games use phonics to form words. These games are extremely educational, because it teaches the children creativity, letter sounds and word recognition.
But most important: they are fun to play. Most games are suitable for
kids 5 years and up. This section contains children word games that
includes a playing board, since it is under the section of children
board games. There are also several word games without a board and you
can find them in the educational games section of this site.

Children board games that stimulates phonics


children word games, sight word bingo

Swing the arrow and read the word on the spinner. Then match it with the words on your card. Who is going to make Bingo first? A fun and educational way to learn sight words. From 5 years and up.


children word games, Alphabet Circus

This game is played on a mat with beanbags. It is a very funny way to learn letter names, phonics and develop early reading skills. This game offers several levels of difficulty, so every child from 4 years and up can play.

Learning Resources – Word for Word Phonics Gamechildren word games, word for word phonics game

Grades 2 & up. A Reading Rods Game! This fast paced building words
game will be a big hit with your students. Students compete with
themselves and each other as they hurry and build words using all sides
of the Reading Rods within a two-minute time limit. Game can be played
at multiple levels and can be customized to practice specific reading
and word building skills.


children word games Menu Match

This is a three level matching game focused on letter names, phonics and first letter spelling. The kids use spatulas to flip over the cards and try to find the matching menu card.
Learning and having fun at the same time !

Children board games that stimulates word forming


WORDPLAY FOR KIDS Children Word Games, Wordplay for kids

Fun word challenge game for kids to develop word building, vocabulary, spelling and concentration. The kids spin the spinner to find two letters which are used to form the words and roll the dice to find the category of the word that needs to be formed. Than their imagination and vocabulary skills take over to find the longest word to score points. A very flexible and interesting game. For ages 6 to 12.


Children word games, Blurt

A game for fast thinkers. Read the clue aloud and the one who find the described word first can move ahead on the board. This game contains a junior version that can be played from 7 years and up. Blurt is hilarious to play and a great vocabulary builder for kids.
This game is both educational and fun for groups of three to 12 players.


Children Word Games, Searchquest for kids

The children have to search for words on their game cards and scribble the letters with the help of tracing paper to find the three hidden words. The more words they find the more spaces they move on the board. SearchQuest develops spelling and vocabulary, concentration, identification and motor skills.
A fun and educational game for 7 years and older.

Little Passports

More children word games can be found at the Learning games section!

In our Learning Games section you can find more kids word games.
The games are focused on letter and word recognition, language confidence building and vocabulary. This link will bring you to
Kids Word Games.

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