Back to School, Make it Fun with Math Games

Try to Sneak some Math into the “Back-to-School” Ritual


The summer is over and flies by fast. And at the same time it seems to last forever… Ah well, up to the next.
The problem that a lot of parents face is how to get the kids back into the routine of going to bed on-time and get up in the morning ready to go to school.

Teacher in my children’s school always send home over the summer those “pesky” papers with tasks they need to do:
– like reading EVERY day
– Practicing Math facts
– Writing a summer journal
No child wants to think about school over the summer, but I have read that children who don’t do anything during those 9 weeks off, forget the stuff they got taught over the last two months.
Back to school
So there you go…parents…into the feeling of guilt..what if YOUR child didn’t do anything and your neighbor’s child did everything the teacher expected him to do, so YOUR child we be fall behind right from the start?

Well I think I have found a solution the works:
Near the end of the summer, I try to sneak in some educational games, based on words or math. We love to play Monopoly, which offers a great way of adding some basic addition and subtraction exercises when one of your children plays “the bank”.
Word games like Boggle are good for spelling.

Is your child not into games?
No problem: You can play “time calculating” games. For example: “It’s 8:30 PM now, you go to bed in 35 minutes…What time will it be then?” Stuff math games into snack time. Counting with cookies. Fractions when dividing apples into slices.
A little creativity can bring you far without formerly go into “school-mode”.

During breakfast also, try to sneak in a few silly math exercises. Make it fun, competitive, give out little rewards for giving the right answer. There are plenty of opportunities to sneak in some educational little games everywhere. You just have to be a little creative.

“Look at the clock (digital one); who knows the sum of numbers?”

“Hey, on you school supply list it says “buy Flashcards 12 X 12″. You don’t need those…do you?” “How much is 9 X 11 ?”

And so on…..

But there are very good and fun on games on the market that stimulates math..

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