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The website to find new and original games and products. Fun, educational and/or active activities. But also rules of classic indoor and outdoor games like Hopscotch, Freeze tag, ball games, card and dice games.

What is Best Children’s Games all about?

We are not your regular toy store, but rather a specialty store where you can find new, original and educational games and toys.

You want your children to be active, have fun and learning something at the same time?

There is no better way to accomplish this then having the kids play the best children’s games together with friends and family.

Why is Playing Games so Important for Kids?

Playing games should become a regular entertainment of the family. It delivers quality time that will keep the family close together and hopefully the child will hold this love for games for the rest of his life.

It can be a board game, card game or outdoor activity; every game has its own learning element in it. Playing best children’s games allow children to have fun while learning social, mental, and physical skills.

Best Game of January


Remember the slot car race game from 30 years ago? Anki Overdrive takes at home racing to a whole new level. This is free style racing with robot cars that drive over a magnetic track, controlled with your device… Awesome!

In the lead for top prices of the Best Game of the Year…
Anki Overdrive Race Game
Raving reviews!

Highly rated here at the Best Children Games Headquarter family. The whole family LOVES this….and saving already for more expansions..

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Our Favorites


Our favorite toys are Mindware Structures, Smartgames, Rush Hour, Busytown Game and Flip2BFit to name a few.
Never heard of those?  Go ahead, click through this site to find something new and really fun for your kids or others!

Next time YOU will bring the favorite gift.
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Quick Winter Indoor Game


We have a chalkboard and I can almost always invite the kids over for a game of hilarious "Guess what I am drawing game".
They take turns and it's actually fun to see what the kids can come up with to draw. :-)

The best game when there are playdates over that are easily bored!

Easy entertainment. No running, No teasing, No screaming...ah well, a little then when they get too excited to shout the right answer :-)