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What is Best Children's Games
all about?

We are not your regular toy store, but rather a specialty store where you can find new, original and educational games and toys. There are a lot of games and toys out, most parents have never seen, but they are so well designed and fun to play with!

When I need to buy a present for my kids or others, I love to bring them something original, open ended, educational, rather than a plastic piece of junk, what the kids have seen in just 5 minutes and toss it away.

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To give you an example: Our favorite toys are Mindware Structures, Smartgames, Rush Hour, Busytown Game and Flip2BFit to name a few. Never heard of those?  Go ahead, click through this site to find something new and really fun for your kids or others!

Next time YOU will bring the favorite gift of the party! See ourGift Ideas for kids.

Tablets and educational apps for kids

Our new and updated pages about tablets for kids explain the different kind of tablets on the market and their pro and cons. From real kids' tablets like the Leappad, to semi-kids' tablets like Nabi, to the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Kids edition, we got you covered. It is good to know that your kids can safely play, explore and learn on their own device.

Take a peek in our selection of educational apps. I love it when the kids are playing, having fun and learn something at the same time too!
Then we have our specialized section with interesting apps for children with special needs. There are excellent programs on the market (mostly iOs platform) that can really help a child with their speech, articulation and communication problems.

Tablets for Kids

Educational Apps

Apps for children with Special Needs

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Our blog is a fantastic collection of great products arranged by category and has a lot of images, descriptions, reviews, new products and things we love playing with!

A place for personal favorites, click around, discover more and better products and find interesting toys and games with descriptions, ideas, activities and images. Leave your comment, add your experience or a product YOU like.  There is something for everyone.... GET involved!

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Our very popular  Geography and Math games are a great example of learning while having fun. 
And the "Game of the Month" is always a topper. Family fun guaranteed! 

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Why is playing children's games so important for kids?

dutch shuffleboard

You want your children to be active, have fun and learning something at the same time?

There is no better way to accomplish this then having the kids play the best children's games together with friends and family.

This can be a board game, card game or outdoor activity; every game has its own learning element in it. Playing children's games allow children to have fun while learning social, mental, and physical skills.  

Playing games should become a regular entertainment of the family. It delivers quality time that will keep the family close together and hopefully the child will hold his love for games for the rest of his life.

New Best Game of the Month: 
Mindware Structures and Contraptions

Our NEW Game of the Month is super  cool: Mindware Structures and Contraptions!

Imagine it, Dream it, Build it.

mindware contraptions

This product consists of similar wooden planks that invites kids to create their own structures and games. Totally free building and creation. The possibilities are endless and all kids will jump in.  Guaranteed!

Displayed in Science museums and Children's Museums. Now also introduced in schools and in homeschool settings, this product  has proven to be very educational and creative. Take a look here: Building games for kids.

Go to our Best Game of the Month.

Unique products

A table top shuffleboard. Fun to play for the whole family and excellent for family reunions!

Dutch Shuffleboard

Super original and fun card game for the whole family. Only for sale at Best Children's Games.

Fish Food Card Game

The guide with 99 indoor, outdoor, card and dice games. Now with all the games of Fun on the Go inside! Your kids will never be bored again!

Best Children's Games Guide


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