Kids learn through Play

The website to find new and original games and products. Fun, educational and/or active activities like indoor sports games, balance games and guessing games for little kids. But also rules of classic indoor and outdoor games like Hopscotch, Freeze tag, ball games. Rules of well known card and dice games, like Go Fish, Beetle Game, Fan Tan and much more…

What is Best Children’s Games all about?

We are not your regular toy store, but rather a specialty store where you can find new, original and educational games and toys. You want your children to be active, have fun and learning something at the same time? There is no better way to accomplish this then having the kids play the best children’s games together with friends and family.

Why is Playing Games so Important for Kids?

Playing games should become a regular entertainment of the family. It delivers quality time that will keep the family close together and hopefully the child will hold this love for games for the rest of his life. It can be a board game, card game or outdoor activity; every game has its own learning element in it. Playing best children’s games allow children to have fun while learning social, mental, and physical skills.

Best Activity of June


Best Acitivity GoldieBlox Craft-Struction BoxGoldieBlox Craft-Struction Box

GoldieBlox is a very creative box with over 200 elements in there. Create whatever comes to mind. This is perfect for creative kids who don’t like to follow the building explanations like the lego sets. Here you get some ideas and you invent and explore the rest.

This is for 6 years and up, but my kids (5,7,9 years) are all over it and fighting about the pieces when they ALL want to build with it. 🙂 So now, we never have enough pieces and I am considering to buy another box.

I love toys and games that focus on creativity and endless possibilities.

Our page about GoldieBlox will be soon up! Come back soon…

Our Favorites


Our favorite toys are Mindware Structures, Smartgames, Rush Hour, Busytown Game and Flip2BFit to name a few.
Never heard of those?  Go ahead, click through this site to find something new and really fun for your kids or others!

Next time YOU will bring the favorite gift.
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Quick Spring Outdoor Activitiy

Chalk Obstacle Course

This is a fun variation of Hopscotch that the kids can build themselves and it will bring their creativity out.

The kids draw all kind of stations on the ground with chalk and at each station you need to do an activity.

A few examples:

- Hop like a frog from one circle to the next
- Growl like a bear
- Walk on all fours over the line to the next station
- Tossing challenge: toss a little pebble in the circle
- Hop on one leg around the circle like a stork
- Draw a circle and bounce a ball 10 times in the circle

Let them come up with better ideas!

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